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They say:

When the f*ck was this recorded? Iíd really like to know, Ďcause it sounds like itís from the late 70ís/early 80ís.Nineteen songs from a band that are all over the place stylistically. Just when they seem like the ungodly side project of the Vaselines, Lou Reed, and the Electric Eels, hardcore comes blasting through, followed by something that would fit well on Doctor Demento, which in turn is followed by a country-tinged song about being married in heaven with Jesus as the best man.

In all, itís a really good record but the fact thatís is so diverse would probably put off most narrow-minded punkers. I, however, feel obligated to give it a solid recommendation. They just donít make many bands this creative anymore.

Jimmy Alavarado.



Hereís the back-side of Pass Out.

Everything you need to know about the CD. Who wrote what, the lyrics, etc.



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