Trash Monkeys:

Pass Out


Song Titles:

(1.)Puppies,Puppies,Puppies (Orcutt)

produced by Bill Orcutt. guitar: Mark, bass: George, drum machine: Bill, Vox: Lloyd

(2.)Clairvoyant Housewife (Johnson,Orcutt)

produced by Bill. bass: Tim Koffley, guitars: Bill, drums: Bill

(3.) Sexy Quarters (Johnson)

produced by Bill. guitar: Bill, bass: Chris Feehan, Vox: Lloyd, glass and spoon: Mark

(4.) Maude (traditional)   

 guitar: Steve Weissenborn, bass: George, Vox: Lloyd,

(5.) I Want to Get Married in Heaven (with Jesus as my best man) (Johnson, Orcutt, Feehan)

 produced by Bill, guitar: Mark, bass: George, drums: Bill, Vox: Lloyd

(6.) Trash Monkey Universe (Orcutt)

produced by Bill with help from John Paris

guitar: Mark, bass: George, drums: Bill, Vox: Lloyd

(7.) Jesus is My Boyfriend (Johnson, Feehan)

Vox: Lloyd, guitar: Mark, bass: George, drums: Bill

(8.) Time Clock (Johnson, Feehan)

Vox: Lloyd, bass:, George, guitar:, Mark,  drums: Bill

(9.) Get Yourself (Johnson, Feehan)

 from the cassette “Casa de Trash.” Guitar: Mark, Vox: Lloyd, bass:, Bill

(10.) Casa de Trash (Johnson, Feehan)

guitar: mark, Vox: Lloyd and Mark, bass: Bill, triangle: George.

(11.) Hitchiking for Housewives (Feehan)

guitar: Mark, bass: george, Vox: Lloyd, drums, Bill

(12.) Broward County Woman (O’Brien, Johnson, Feehan)

recorded by Jeremy Dubois at Tapeworm. Produced by the Trash Monkeys.

(13.) Alley Cats (Johnson, Feehan)

guitar; Mark, bass: George, Vox: Lloyd, drums: Mike O’Brien (Both songs same line-up)

(14.) You’ve Really Changed Since You Cut Your Hair

(Johnson, Feehan)

guitar: mark, Vox: Lloyd, bass: George, drums: Andrew Powell (same line-up for next 4 songs.)

(15.) Blowtorch (Johnson, Feehan)

(16.) Tammy (queen of the waitress world)

(Johnson, Feehan)

(17.) Small Time (Johnson, Orcutt)

(18.) Forever (Johnson, Feehan)

(19.) Hamburger Girl (Johnson, Orcutt)

recorded at Club Banal 1988   



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