Well, here it is, the Trash Monkeys 13 year anthology. We started getting it together back in 1998, and it’s been hell the whole way.

The songs are arranged chronologically, sort of. “Puppies”, “Clairvoyant Housewife”, and “Sexy Quarters” are from our cassette release “Coffee, Fucking, and that’s a big ten-four”, which was recorded in George’s living room by Bill in 1987.  Some of the songs aren’t on anything else, like “Hitchhiking for Housewives” which is an old Broken Talent song that they never got around to playing.

There are two songs from our last cassette release (1990), “Casa de Trash”, which are “Get Yourself” and the title song.

The seven songs leading up to “Hamburger Girl” were recorded at Tape Worm by Jeremy Dubois. Andrew Powell and Michael O’Brien took turns playing drums. 

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