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Who the hell are the Trash Monkeys?

Well, you’re about to find out…

At our humble little site you can get info on the CD “Pass Out”, lyrics to the songs, links to other bands, links to our favorite sites, and much, much more. Scroll down….

Download Music from South Florida


Where to buy our new CD locally.

Article on Trash Monkeys by John Floyd

Review of PASS OUT (Our new CD. New Time’s best of  issue)

FlipSide’s review of “Pass Out”


What we’re all about from our point of view.


Everything you need to know about Pass Out.: lyrics, song order,  who wrote what, etc

Fruitbat Records catalog  (Another South Floridian trying to get anyone outside the state to notice)

Related article  (Fruitbat record’s comp. of  S. Florida  punk bands from early 70’s and 80’s)

the Eat (the first punk rock band in South Florida)

LINKS (Updated 7/30/00)

International Monkeys web sites




Hong Kong

Doctor Dick's Homepage (Big Santo’s page for foot fanciers)

Robin Chan’s site. (the silent backer)

Bob Soper, former channel 7 Weatherman, meets the Monkeys